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Welcome Citizen.

This is the Ministry of Taxation & Burden, responsible for the economic stability of the State. The role of the OSS is to provide a safe and secure state by protecting all citizens from the insidious attacks of subversive elements. By taking away the burden of responsibility, Citizens of The Universal State are able to pursue the purity and rewarding hard work of their designated work role, as designated by the State Labour Ministry.

The Ministry of Taxation & Burden treats all Citizens with equal disdain and impartiality, and maintains the highest standards of chaos and apathy.

We provide a comprehensive range of investigative techniques: from ridiculous assessments that cannot be appealed against, unsubstantiated evidence that cannot be queried, and substantial fines for the non-return of documents and forms that were never sent to you in the first place.

We also provide a comprehensive range of persuasive techniques from Corrective Therapy for Citizens evading their taxable duty; deportation for subversives to labour camps in the Winterland; to public executions of Party traitors (held on the first Sunday of each month and every Bank Holiday - tickets available from all Militia stations).

The Ministry of Taxation & Burden liaises with every branch of the State and is honoured to report directly to the Party Executive.

The main workforce of the Ministry of Taxation & Burden are the Assessment Agents, authorised State investigative agents who root out subversion and tax evasion, operating in groups known as Mobile Torture Units.


The Party is watching. The Party is listening. The Party knows all.


Reproduction of any material without prior permission will be deemed
treason and punishable by immediate arrest
& imprisonment

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