The Universal State State Labour Ministry
One World, One Nation, One Order
Office of State Security
Bureau of Official Denial
Citizen Census & Internal Security
State Labour Ministry
Office of Supreme Minister
Ministry of Taxation & Burden
Ministry of Citizen Misinformation & Enlightenment
Citizens New Model Militia
Report Unauthorised Work
Labour Camps
Report Work Corruption
Black Market
Request New Employment
Exclusion Zones
Request Work Permit
Register New Citizen
Report Citizen Death
Employment Prospects
Shop-a-Neighbour Scheme
Social Severity Act

Welcome Citizen.

This is the State Labour Ministry. The role of the Labour Ministry is to control and regulate the working population of the State to improve productivity and ensure the correct distribution of resources. Through a series of reasonable social engineering measures, the CCIS aims to eliminate all unauthorised activities that breeds subversion and sedition. An array of controls introduced at the request of the Citizens, allows the CISS to monitor the movement and location of all Citizens.

Work Permits:
Citizens may live only at the designated address on their Address Permit. Temporary Address Permits are available for Citizens who have reasonable grounds to visit other addresses for a period of up to three nights.

Transit Permits:
Transit permits make travel difficult for subversives, curtailing their spread, and protecting all citizens from the insidious attacks of subversive elements. By taking away the burden of responsibility, Citizens of The Common State are able to pursue the purity and rewarding hard work of their designated work role, as designated by the State Labour Ministry.

The CCIS treats all Citizens with impartiality and impunity, and maintains the highest standards of civilised order.
The CCIS liaises with every branch of the State to ensure all Citizen records are up to date and correct. All details on Citizen movements are distributed to all departments. The main work of the CCIS is carried out by the New Model Militia, the authorised State police and combined army.

Failure to report a crime, allowing a crime to take place, or being victim of a crime through carelessness or incompetence, constitutes committing the crime.

Remember Citizens: The Party is watching. The Party is counting. The Party knows all.

Reproduction of any material without prior permission will be deemed treason and punishable
by immediate arrest, imprisonment , prolonged torture, and subsequent death


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