The Universal State State Executive
The Office of the Citizen Supreme Minister Lord Protector of the State
One World, One Nation, One Order
Office of State Security
Bureau of Official Denial
Citizen Census & Internal Security
State Labour Ministry
Court of Injustice
Ministry of Taxation & Burden
Ministry of Citizen Misinformation & Enlightenment
Citizens New Model Militia
State Executive
Labour Camps
The War Cabinet
Citadel of Supremacy
Senior Party Officials
Party Doctrine :
Social Severity Act
Labour & Work Act
Prohibited Organisations
Duty & Taxes
Political Restrictions
Employment Prospects
Neighbourhood Watch & Shop

Citizen Supreme Minister
Leader of the Party of Purityranny
Lord Comrade Protector of the State
Supreme Commander of the Citizens New Model Militia
Citizen Chairman of The State Executive (Committee No. 1)
Glorious Leader of The Parentland

This is the State Executive, otherwise known as the Office of the Supreme Minister, Lord Protector of the State, the highest authority in The Universal State (the State) and the Party of Purityranny (the Party). From here the entire structure of the world is planned and built, with tentacles of control formed by the branches of the State Executive: the Office of State Security (OSS) ; Citizens New Model Militia (CNMM) ; Bureau of Official Denial (BoD); Ministry of Taxation and Burden; State Labour Ministry; Department of Citizen Census & Internal Security (CCIS); the Court of Injustice; and the Office of Citizen Misinformation.

The State Executive (Committee No. 1)
  • Leader of the Party (Supreme Minister)
  • State Minister of Misinformation & Enlightenment
  • State Comrade Minister of War, Espionage, & Junior Education
  • State Minister for State Security
  • State Minister for Trade, Industry & Strikes
  • State Secretary for Unconstitutional Affairs
  • State Secretary of Workers Co-operatives
  • State Executive Shop Steward
  • Minister in Charge of Subcommittees
  • Under Minister for Subcommittees
  • Under Minister for the Committee Management Committee

Historical Background
The role of Supreme Minister began with the Jackboot Persuaders during the glorious times of the Great Civil War. The Very Bloody Revolution at the end of the Great Civil War finally gave the citizens and workers control of the State machine. This was achieved through the transition of the corrupt multiparty political system into a single pure system of equality and security: Purityranny.

Strict controls were immediately introduced to end the estimated 4,567 warring religious factions that fought on the streets. Members were arrested in their thousand, interrogated, and purged of the unenlightened. There were those lucky enough to be shown mercy by the new State, and were re-educated and Enlightened at the newly-built State Labour Camps in the Winterland. Many were permitted back into normal society after successful re-engineering, with some so grateful for their Enlightenment that they even joined the OSS.

The 4,567 religious factions were reassembled into 26 logical religious alliances known as the Authorised Religions. The highest office in each Authorised Religion is held by the Supreme Minister. Therefore, any religious practice committed without being under the direct guidance or control of an Authorised Priest is one of the most serious of crimes to commit: heresy and treason.

Our present serving glorious leader is Supreme Minister, Commander of the Citizens New Model Militia, Lord Protector of the State, Chairman of the Party of Purityranny, Chairman of The State Executive (Committee No. 1).

Each new Supreme Minister appointed by the Party dominates the State and its Citizens in succession, never bowing to outside pressure, nor contemplating change in the status quo as requested by traitors, subversives, and dissidents.

'This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This pure breed of Citizens, this entire world;
This precious stone set in a blackened sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall,
Or as a moat defensive to a house.
This island continent of Great Aegean
We sail alone in this vast oceanic world
With only the Wisdom and the Purityranny,
Together with the Strength of Citizenship
Given to us by the Party
As our Guide, our Teacher, our Family, our Ruler
It gives us our Order, our Unity,
And above all, our Identity Papers'

The Supreme Minister
Leader of the Party
Lord Protector of the State
Glorious Leader of the Parentland
Commander of the Citizens New Model Militia
In an address to all citizens who could hear him
Long Winter of Year Zero + 45


Failure to report a crime, allowing a crime to take place, or being victim of a crime through carelessness or incompetence, constitutes committing the crime.

The Party is watching. The Party is listening. The Party knows all.

Reproduction of any material without prior permission will be deemed treason and punishable
by immediate arrest, imprisonment , prolonged torture, and subsequent death

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