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Welcome Citizen.

This is the Bureau of Official Denial, the arm of the State Executive dedicated to disseminating accurate information regarding our glorious State, its hard working Citizens, the genius and dedication of senior Party members, and State and community committees.

The Bureau of Official Denial maintains the official list of banned literature, maps, historical sites and monuments, and other restricted information and prohibited areas, through a series of cultural committees:

Founder & Origins
The genius and founding director of the Bureau of Official Denial, was the esteemed social biographer and inventor, Jezwin Clackerton.

Citizen Clackerton, who became one of the State Icons that began the road to Purity, painstakingly worked his way through many of the great mysteries of the nation to find reasonable explanations for alleged irregularities in Party doctrine and historical literature.

The BOD was set up during the Second Age to resolve many questions concerning structures Rumoured to have been constructed before Year Zero. The concept behind the Bureau of Official Denial was based on Clackerton's simple philosophy that if enough people believe in something it becomes reality.

The BODs work endlessly to perpetuate this belief and come up with explanations for everything in the Universe.


Cultural Committees and Subcommittees:

Historical Accuracy Committee

The Historical Accuracy Committee (HAC) spends its time laboriously revising & editing out anti-State propaganda that is prevalent within the pages of many historical works.

Members of the committee are known as HACers, and are skilled in accessing any information, trained to read between the lines in order to decipher cryptic clues of subversion, and are experts in altering incorrect & inconsistent data without requiring assistance or permission from the originators of the works.

Dissidents are often devastated to find the subversive literature they have risked their lives to distribute contained only official Party facts and doctrine, after being HACed. They have time to reflect upon this in the labour camps.


Approved Literature, Art, and Customs Committee

Universal Geographic Committee
The Universal Geographic Committee is a management group that oversees and co-ordinates the work of the following subcommittees:
  • Ordinance Unsurveyed
  • National Mistrust
  • State Monument Committee
Scientific Explanation Committee
The committee formed of a large panel of experts, dedicated to explaining the mysteries of life, the universe, the existence of deities, fish, mice & other rodents, and mathematical numbers.
Committee for the Approval of Authorised Religions
The acronym for the Modern All Denomination New Ecclesiastical Saviours Synod. Only Authorised Religions that are members of MADNESS, and are therefore approved by the Party, may operate in the State. Religions that are not members of MADNESS are ruthlessly hunted down by The Enquirers, the political & religious police of our glorious state. Religions must sign and abide by the laws in the Treaty of MADNESS and swear their allegiance to the State and the Party.
  If you have information on illegal activities it is your duty to report the matter:

The Party is editing. The Party is erasing. The Party is correcting. The Party knows all.


Reproduction of any material without prior permission will be deemed
treason and punishable by immediate arrest
& imprisonment

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