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Office of State Security
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Welcome Citizen.

This is the Office of State Security (OSS). The role of the OSS is to provide a safe and secure state by protecting all citizens from the insidious workings of subversive elements. To prevent the spread of this odious dissident cancer, the OSS reinforces the concept of stringent social security. Citizens are liberated to work together to build a stronger State, building the foundations of a pure One World for future generations.

The centre of OSS operations, and the official headquarters of the OSS, is The Yard, a monolithic fortress made of black stone, overlooking the very centre of the glorious capital city.

By removing the burden of responsibility, Citizens of The Universal State are able to pursue the purity and rewarding hard work of their designated work role, as directed by the State Labour Ministry.

The OSS treats all Citizens with impartiality and maintains the highest standards of order. We provide a comprehensive range of persuasive techniques: from Corrective Therapy for confused Citizens; deportation for subversives to labour camps in the Winterland; to public executions of Party traitors (held on the first Sunday of each month and every Bank Holiday - tickets available from all Militia stations).

The OSS liaises with every branch of the State and is honoured to report directly to the Party Executive.

The main workforce of the OSS are the Enquirers, authorised State field agents who root out subversion. However, official State workers who also fall directly under our jurisdiction and authority in times of need, regardless of which branch of the Party Executive they work for, include the following:

The Enquirers
State Political & Religious Police
The Forbidden History
Bucolic Enquirers
Rural branch of The Enquirers operating in the Outlands. Known commonly as Witche-Finders
The Forbidden History
Propaganda Officials
Ensure the correct information is distributed and understood by the Citizens
The Forbidden History
Certified Therapists & Torturers
The Forbidden History
Secret Police
The OSS has no record of the existence of the Secret Police. This has been verified by the Bureau of Official Denial.

Office of State Security
The Party is watching . . .
The Party is listening . . .
The Party knows all


Reproduction of any material without prior permission will be deemed
treason and punishable by immediate arrest
& imprisonment

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