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Conspiracy & Scene layout: 13-22
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Chapter Thirteen : Camulodunum : Britannia, AD 48

14/1 Trianthon & Valecius Twentieth Valeria Legion - Temple of the Divine Claudius
14/2 The Gods Mars, Sulis, Mercury - (BBC) - Brutuius - Galtonious
14/3 The Great Coin Scandal Contrickious - GRN (Greatest Roman Nose)
14/4 The Haunted Courtyard The Guiding Light & Superstition arrive
14/5 Grave Dodgers Union Trianthon to have died two days earlier - AD48 - Messiah DNA
14/6 Organic Offspring Matter-Conceptual - Trio Organic - Organic Matter-Multidimensional
14/7 The Planet Is Flat That’s why we don’t fall off
14/8 Backwater Satellites The planet is merely a backwater; an isolated settlement
14/9 Alcoholic Anarchy The consequences of drinking in public
14/10 The Death Of Trianthon Putting Time back into place
14/11 Psychological Analysis He was quite insane

Chapter Fourteen : The Beginning of the End : ±15.00-16.00

15/1 Video Didn’t Kill The Radio Star News coverage of the air accident – the car radio phenomenon
15/2 Climatic Armageddon Codes The three wise men - Jack’s report to Rackington –headhunting
15/3 Road Rage A205 – Potholes & Missing People - Ripoff Telecom – GV TING
15/4 The Counterweight Project Jack, Umbrella Madman, & Pit Bull – secret CACs – no job or home
15/5 Ripoff Telecom Road Rage, Bernice, and the Turbo Injection Nutter Ghia
15/6 Under Siege Ratty and his band –the intricacies of logo development
15/7 Road Rage & Bernice Irresponsible media –heavy steel jack – colour is skin deep
15/8 Delivering The Goods Richardson & The Computer Data
15/9 Battlefield Of Front & Rear Bumpers Killing him quickly with this steel                    
15/10 The Boss & The Bentley Embedding people in motorway - Kommunikator
15/11 Reaper Man The UK head of Global Vehicles stuck in traffic
15/12 The Toad & Scavenger The Big Client - bugger off back to Earls Court – The Boss dies
15/13 Telephoning The Dead The Big Client and his mysterious call– the truck starts to move
15/14 Alarum, Alarum Richardson hears the explosion and the alarms go off
15/15 Hideous Clothing The truck tries to turn around
15/16 Piecework Mr Herve Oswald, the cleaning company boss
15/17 Occupation Troops Ratty moves forward to occupy the space
15/18 Jugular’s & Jagged Glass Odious PR - Martin Perkins & the Visa card
15/19 The Truck Returns If at first you don’t succeed . . . try to kill again
15/20 Beverley Dickson Poor young Martin will not be offered the job
15/21 Death Penalty Lord Justice Turnbill-Pyke-Heath - Beverley and the CSA
15/22 The Bloodstained Stock The difference between cost and value
15/23 Pocketing The Visa Compensation claims are being taken
15/24 Brains Tend To Be A Bit Fussy Like That A crushing blow to the music industry
15/25 The Bright Fires Of Old London Town But the engine’s stuck in traffic
15/26 Bulldogs & Gorillas The great political debate

Chapter Fifteen : Jazreel : Israel - 842 BC

15/1 Grand Sacred Council Guild of Lamb Slaughterers - League of Human Sacrifices
15/2 The Great Sand Clock Prophets in the marketplace - Sacrificial Inn Tax
15/3 Sun Clock Sacrifices ORD - Ordinary Random Destiny - NCD - New Contrived Destiny
15/4 Jeriamiah Warping of the time cycles - another dimension behind every particle
15/5 Prophesy The future is bright; the future has electricity
15/6 Currency Currents War, Famine, Pestilence, Accountant – money is the centre of all societies
15/7 Universe-Sized Medicine Bottles Palace of King Jehoram – the meeting of Apocalypse
15/8 Elizah The Bloody Prophesy - King Jehu
15/9 The Armageddon Clause How many clauses can there be in one contract?

Chapter Sixteen : Waiting for Liberation : ±16.00-16.30

16/1 The Vicious Cycle Of Culinary Preparation Albert Thompson, mental Post-It notes
16/2 Roast Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Boiled Potatoes, Chips The versatility of English food
16/3 They Were Even Stealing His Memories Waiting for death and liberation

Chapter Seventeen : Sunsets & Red Skies : ±16.30-18.00

17/1 Operation Carmageddon The end is launched in Parliament Square
17/2 Tempest At Parliament Starring James Kinsman in the end of the world
17/3 The Full Force Of Carmageddon Twisted cars & devious minds
17/4 Chasing The Wallet The C&E are on his tail
17/5 Q-Whitehall Jack, Pit Bull, & Umbrella Madman dive for cover
17/6 Sleepless Nights & Moving Green Lines The army moves closer
17/7 And Justice For All . . . The woman, the builder, James, and humanity

Chapter Eighteen : Twilight : ±18.00-19.00

18/1 Cabinet Culpability The Ragbag Cabinet admits defeat
18/2 Smoke In The Water Sergeant Adams gets lost
18/3 Spin Doctor’s Medicine Appeal for calm is lost in the chaos
18/4 Armed Police & Rabid Men Policing dilemmas in the modern world
18/5 Holding Up A Warrant Card To The Cosmos The fragility of human life
18/6 The Two Fleeing Soldiers Falling, always falling
18/7 Metal Halo The scaffold-covered roof of the Palace of Westminster
18/8 Toll Free Zone Big Ben falls silent

Chapter Nineteen : Repentance : Yesterday

19/1 Are they ready? Soon it will be over, and they are still unrepentant

Chapter Twenty : Nightfall : ±19.00+

20/1 Buckingham Palace Gardens The helicopter exodus - Q-Whitehall
20/2 In The Belly Of The Beast The Gateway – built by Trithon Industries
20/3 Comedy Hour Emergency broadcasts & confused pensioners
20/4 Waiting For The Plan Public expectations are very unrealistic
20/5 The Mud Worm Genus Chronicling the species but forgetting to count the pages

Chapter Twenty One : Exodus

21/1 The Wanted Posters Plastered Across The Universe Rising above the slime life
21/2 Split Personality It was everyone, and yet it was no one
21/3 Hibernation Oceans roar, the climate distorts, the planet’s ecosystems fail
21/4 The Boundary Of The Bubble Of The Visible Universe At least no one will see them until they’re long extinct
21/5 Clueless Evidence Great Pyramid of Giza, Citadel of Sacsayhuaman, the Piri Reis Map, Forbidden History
21/6 Every Species Needs Something To Blame Denying responsibility

Chapter Twenty Two : Epitaph For Mud Worms & Monkeys

22/1 Deep within the Universe . . . This unfathomable cauldron of matter
22/2 Organic Hypothesis Imaginary universes and big bangs
22/3 . . . and their very small brains The end

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