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The endess search for intelligent life
The endless search for intelligent life:
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Armageddon Control Panel v1.1

Armageddon Control Panel® Help
Warning! The Armageddon Control Panel® V1.1 is an extremely powerful deity tool. Civilisations have been accidentally wiped out through clumsy use.



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For technical support on using omnipotent power please contact:

The core power of the Armageddon Control Panel® is provided by the ArmageddonEngine®. This omnipotent deity tool provides the interface to each action, event, destruction, or creation.

The Armageddon Control Panel® centralises control of a number of specialised core engines that provide sophisticated control of an infinite range of parameters. Below is a listing of the primary core engines and specialised tools available:


Evolution Console®

The Evolution Console® is the primary interface to one of the powerful core engines, the DNA Engine®, and allows you to combine or experiment with DNA sequencing in order to create a more intelligent species to populate your planets.

Through user-defined parameters, the Evolution Console® permits the creation or invention of unique cross-species hybrids, new species, and genetically modified existing species. The number of parameters is infinite.

You may also request for species preservation through the Evolution Console®. This will automatically cancel any scheduled elimination of a designated planet, solar system, or galaxy made through the Destruction Console®, and powers down the ArmageddonEngine® to minimum levels.

There are a number of modules available to extend the scope of the Evolution Console®

Open the Evolution Console

(DNA Engine)

Destruction Console®

Interface to the core primary component, the ArmageddonEngine®. This supreme engine is so versatile that it can be even used to perform mundane tasks such as splitting atoms into their composite sub-nuclear ingredients and recombining them to any existing or unique structure. It can easily provide enough power to create multiple planetary systems, complex galaxies, or with the addition of the Creator Console®, provide options for creating your own Universe. Used together with the other core engines, the ArmageddonEngine® is only limited by the imagination of the deity using it.

Open the Destruction Console


ReGenesis® Add-on

The ReGenesis® Add-on allows resequencing (or reverse engineering) of all species DNA (both coding & non-active coding). By unravelling the time codes, it can be programmed to target any specific locus (or loci) at any determined time. It can initiate non-active coding DNA to active status at any loci or chronological event and alter past, present, or future evolutionary paths.

Note: the ReGenesis Add-on requires 6 Universal days of infinite length to resequence the entire Universe

(ReGenesis Engine)

SpeciesWatch® The SpeciesWatch® Engine allows you to exit the Armageddon Control Panel and allow nature to continue it's ponderous course. This engine provides a safety monitoring service when programmed to continuously scan the species and will automatically reopen the Destruction Console at a specified time or event. The SW_TimeModule® of this component is also used by the ArmageddonEngine® for delayed deletions.
(SpeciesWatch Engine)

Armageddon ZeusTool®

Most processes initiated through the ArmageddonEngine® can ONLY be stopped by launching the deity override console, the Armageddon ZeusTool®, which can be launched from either the Destruction Console Ignition (Launcher) or the Evolution Console Ignition (Launcher).

Open Armageddon ZeusTool®


Deity Toolkit© The Deity Toolkit© is an extremely powerful suite of utilities and tools for maintenance of your existing Armageddon Control Panel, and allows the building of custom controls and engines. For example, by default all planet deletions are initiated as a type C destruction. For type A destruction, the Deity Toolkit© is required to upgrade your console. Type A will leave no trace that a planet, species, or galaxy ever existed.

Common Console Commands
Destruction Console:
Request for species preservation. If accepted, this will automatically cancel any scheduled destruction of the selected planet, and powers down the ArmageddonEngine®.
(Option 2 on Destruction Console® launcher)

Choose an option from the selection and click on it. This will launch a small console window with further options, together with the ignition button for the ArmageddonEngine® The Destruction Console looks like this:
Open the Destruction Console now
Date of Proposed Extinction:

Armageddon /A:m"gEd()n/ n.E19.
The place of the last battle at the Day of Judgement: see Bible: Revelations 16:16
The scene of a decisive conflict on a global or catastrophic scale.

They Must Be Stopped #1:
"If God gave Rock 'n Roll to us and Satan loves Metal, who is responsible for all those bloody hymns?"

They Must Be Stopped #2:
"The technical support designer for The Armageddon Control Panel v1.1 who created an infinite number of help menus with an infinite number of options"

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Armageddon Clause

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